Hydroponic Nursery Pots

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📙 Product Description

Love those Hydroponic Vegetables Nursery Pots that are Soilless so you can growth your food without heart and water. Those amazing Nursery Sponge will make your Flower Seeds growing like magic. It is a new type of cultivation without Soil. Mondosol and David Attenborough support this Cultivation System. Get those Seed Trays


🍓 Features and Benefits

No dirt

With this Nursery pots you can have a  clean garden. Use these cultivation tools for an efficient and sanitary way to growth your food outside or even better inside.


This is a 100% organic cultivation of vegetables at ease

Vigorous growth

With this Garden planting tools you can have higher yields and massive food production.

Three-dimensional cultivation

This Seed cultivation s saving space and that's why all environmental gurus like David Attenborough sustain this type of Soilless culture . 

👓 Specifications 


Material: PP Plastic + sponge
Color: Black + white

In the package: Choose different quantities between black nursery pots and sponges
Package Weight 0.04kg (0.09lb).
ackage Size 15cm x 10cm 5cm (5.91in 3.94in 1.97in).

Customer Reviews

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Gerson Padberg

Hydroponic Nursery Pots

Cristobal Ebert

Hydroponic Nursery Pots

Ronaldo Olson

Hydroponic Nursery Pots

Oren Mante

Hydroponic Nursery Pots

Lexi Hodkiewicz

Hydroponic Nursery Pots

Hydroponic Nursery Pots

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