Wireless Meat Thermometer

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Using this innovative new meat thermometer you can monitor the temperature of your cooking from anywhere! It’s completely wire free, making it perfect for outdoor cooking. You can monitor your cooking temperature using the app Grill ProbeE, which is available on iOS and Android devices. The device is equipped with dual temperature sensors, allowing you to consistently get a perfect cook every time.


🍓 Benefits 


Walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results. You can also create custom alerts based on time and temperature. 



The device can calculate how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time. 



The app has the ability to measure up to 4 probes at the same time allowing you to accurately monitor your entire meal.


👓 Specifications

Material: Metal
Thermometer Type: Digital
Product Warranty: 365 Days

🙋 FAQ:

Q: Does it have Celsius degree?

A: Yes, there are both Celsius and Fahrenheit degree for you to choose.

Q: Can we put the probe in the oven?

Of course you can. It is designed for the oven and outdoor cooking.

Q: What temperature can the probe withstand?

There are 2 sensors in the probe. One is at the probe handle, which supports 300℃/572℉ max. Another sensor is at the probe, which supports 100℃/212℉ max. It is for the food temperature. 

Q: How many languages does the application supports?

On August 5, 2020, we've added German language on the application. So now it supports English, German and Chinese. We'll also add other languages in the future.

Q: Can we customize this probe?

Of course you can put your logos on the probe.

Q: How about logistics times? 

A: After the normal shipment, the goods can be received in 15-45 days. If you do not receive the goods within 60 days, we will refund your money.

Customer Reviews

Based on 452 reviews
Moreno p.
Throw away those old dial and wired meat thermometers.

I wanted to replace my old school thermometer dial probe with a digital one and came across the Mondosol one. Checked out their product and compared to other digital ones. The design and description of the Mondosol one, caught my attention so I decided to try it out. Skeptical because I just spent $100 on a thermometer but I have to say it was worthy. I like the compact design. The phone app was easy to navigate. The thermometer was easy to turn on. Once I had everything set, the meat on the grill was easy to cook and rest. I just left it alone and I’m usually standing by the grill. I had no problems with my phone. Can’t wait to try it on other meats on the grill and I’m going to get another one.

Gary Paulsen

When I found out about this product I had to get it. I loved this thermometer from the first time I saw it. It's really smart with a signal booster for the Bluetooth inside the charger! When you use it make sure to keep the charger close to your oven. If you're on the fence about spending the extra $$ for this version, don't be, get it...you'll thank me later.

Kubla Chan

I own the Meat thermometer from several days and it’s changed the way I cook. The best feature for me is the cooking time estimate which tells how long to cook your meat and when it is ready to come out of the oven (the app will alert you!). It’s so convenient, I don’t know how I could’ve cooked before without knowing this information. Great job Mondosol with the clear customer instructions!

Richard H.
Great piece of kit

Cooking and using it is really simple. Select the meat and the type and then wait until it tell you it's cooked. The app will also give you a rough time to be finished. I have an iPhone and the app is super wasy to download and use and understand.
Great for those long cooks and if you want to pop to the shop or pub to help pass the time.

Adam S.
My new kitchen essential

My daughter have ordered this kitchen gadget for me that was delivered promptly. The instructions are a bit brief but the Mondosol team and website will help you to work it out. The app is now downloaded both on to my tablet and my phone.
Wow! I selected a leg of lamb for my first cook and it was easy to set up.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

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