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Super powerful concentrated cleaner for difficult cleaning

This super-powerful product cleans, eliminates stains and descales in depth.

Eliminates any type of dirt, even the most tenacious.

Super-active, this super-powerful concentrated cleaner eliminates even the toughest dirt.

Product 2 in 1, it is used for intensive cleaning and as a washing additive for resistant fabrics.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning

Try It can be used both indoors and outdoors, on any type of resistant material (cement, tiles, wrought iron, plastic, resistant fabrics, brushes, tire rims, flower pots, gardening tools, DIY, barbecues, walls, window sills, doors, terraces, verandas, dustbins, window frames, floors, shutters, fireplaces, radiators, etc.) and for all types of resistant fabric (overalls, jeans, aprons, tea towels, washable sports shoes .. .).

Intensive cleaning:
Localized spot: use the pure product
Intense dirt: dilute 1 cap in 5 L of water
Encrusted dirt: dilute 1.5 caps in 5 L of water
Fabric washing additive:
Localized spot: use the pure product
Prewash / wash cycle: 1-2 caps
Recommendations: Use only on durable washable surfaces. Do not use on delicate fabrics. Do not use on aluminum surfaces DANGER Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. It can be corrosive to metals