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✔ What is the Amazing Selling Machine and how it will change your life
✔ Start your Amazon Business to achieve Financial Freedom
✔ How to sell products on Amazon and Shopify 

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Elio Mondello

N.3 Airbnb™ Expert

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So imagine if you had a business that:

  • Required zero employees or an office
  • Costs little (if any) money upfront
  • Didn’t require you to trade your precious time for a fixed income
  • Doesn’t require you to knock on doors, cold call or cold email all day
  • You can manage completely on mobile (you only need an internet connection)
  • Is something you can do as a side hustle for passive income

PLUS -- it’s super scalable. More on this later.

Here’s a crazy fact for ya…


Since mid-March 2020, when all this COVID-19 situation started, Amazon’s stocks grew from $1,676 to $2,442!

That’s 46% growth in 2 and half months - in the middle of a major health and financial crisis!

On top of that, Amazon hired nearly 200,000 more people just so it could fulfill all the orders.

What does this mean to you?

Whether you watched it or not, you know that iconic scene from The Matrix when Morpheus offers Neo a choice…

Get the blue pill and keep living a life like everyone else… Or take the red pill… wake up… and learn the real truth...

Well... it’s time for you to make a choice as well.

Are you going to stay on the side like a silent spectator?

A few days ago I saw this “joke” somewhere on Instagram:

“A CEO of a major company comes to work in his brand-new Lambo.

Tom, one of the clerks, walks by and says:

Tom: Great new car, boss.

CEO: Thanks. And if you set yourself targets, work hard, stay focused, next year I’ll be able to buy a newer model.’”

Now, there’s a reason why “joke” is under quotation marks because… well… it’s not a joke.

It’s a reality of the 9-5 system.

You work hard… you grind… you hustle… you STEAL your free time and time for your family… you give up everything to get the job done.

Are you sick & tired of being treated that way?

From the look of things, we’re heading towards a recession.

A lot of jobs are already lost. A lot more will be lost. A lot of businesses will go down.

However, there’s one business model that can make it through due to its low overhead… which gives you room to thrive and grow.

Wanna hear more?

It doesn’t get any easier than that. This business model is called AMAZON FBA BUSINESS, and it’s my number one recommendation for anyone getting started in ecommerce.

I even convinced myself Elio Mondello with other 6 -7 figure home sharing management business owners to share all their tricks and tips.

Because of that, we launched a program earlier this year and it’s been a huge success with our students.

Normally we retail this program for $500…

But because Christmas Day is coming up…

You Can Get The AMAZON FBA BUSINESS For $47!

And even for free if you take action on what we teach you inside the program…

You can have your Amazon FBA business up and generating income within 30 days!

Which means you also cover the cost of your program in 30 days. And everything after that is pure profit.

Get TAFB for Only $47!

So here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get and learn:

  • 8 Weeks Of Video Coaching - live coaching sessions answering all student's questions
  • List Of 50 Profitable Amazon Product Opportunities
  • How to create a Shopify Website
  • How to create an Amazon Launch Funnel
  • How to operate a Million Dollar Business.
  • How to do Product Research.
  • How To Build Your Amazon Business On A Budget.
  • How To Trademark Your Brand Guide or Product Name.
  • Business Formation, Protection, Taxes & Legal For Your Business.
  • Ultimate Online Business Resource Vault.
  • Time Management Training Video

PLUS -- bonus video on How To Publish A Youtube Video - Behind The Scenes Training!

And much, much more.