Mondosol Birthday Club

Get your birthday celebration:


Everyone likes to celebrate their special day! Mondosol brings that excitement with a special birthday reward for our customers!


How the customer birthday reward works


Let's eat the cake. Login or register an account here. Enter your birthday baby in the Earn more section of the customer Reward Panel like in this video. 

Your program's birthday reward will show up in a list of all of the presents you can earn. 


By clicking the Save date button next to the reward, you will enter and save your birthday information to your account.


📋 Note:
Once you have saved your birthday to your account, you can access this information in your customer profile once you Login in Mondosol Shop.
📝 Pro Tip:
If you ever needs to change your date of birth, you can do it the same way you originally entered it in the Birthday Reward section of your customer panel.
⚠️ Warning:
In order to automatically receive your birthday rewards, your must enter your birth date at least 30 days before the date of their birthday.