Mondosol referral program

Updated on the 09 Oct 2018

Step 1:  Create a Store Account or Login.


If you do not have a Mondosol Store Account you can create one from the link here, or from the yellow button "Start earning rewards" or the man icon on the top right corner of the menu.




If you already have a Mondosol Store account you can simply login clicking on the man icon on the top right corner and enter the Mondosol Referral program. It is one of the most successful program because Mondosol offer value to both the sender and the receiver. Here is how.

Sender Reward:

This reward is issued to the person sending the referral.  The sender is only rewarded after the referee has completed a purchase.

Receiver Reward:

This reward is issued to the person being referred to your store.  This reward can be redeemed the first time they make a purchase with your store.

Mondosol rewards customers with 17 USD dollars off their next purchase.

📝  Pro Tip:

Interested in Running a points program? Here is a good place to start.  
Interested in the referral program only?  Dollars-off is more valuable up front...  

Step 2: Choose your referral channels.

If you want to make the most of our referral program, you have to make sure your are sharing our brand in the right places.  

In order to do this, you need to login in your store account and click on the yellow button Start Earning Rewards. In the small window you can interact with our Mondosol Rewards and Referral program.  You click on the Copy button to get your referral link and share it on Facebook, Twitter and email. Knowing who is your ideal receivers and how to interact with them will help you get your Reward.

Public Channels (Facebook, Twitter):

Public referral channels put our brand in front of your social audience, giving you the opportunity to make a strong impression.

Private Channels (Email):

Private referral channel is a great choice for operating in a private and personal way (such as intimate).

📝  Pro Tip:

Enabling at least one private and one public referral channel will encourage your friends to take more action. We recommend Facebook and Email.

Step 3: Select another way to earn cash.

While getting your friends and family to click on a referral link is extremely important, it’s only half the challenge.  In order to get more cash points, you need to make sure you’re reading this page that shows how our brand is valuable.


That’s why our referral program automatically redirects referred customers to our Reward page.  It’s simple, helps you find what you’re looking for, and most importantly show you the value that Mondosol offers you..  

📝  Pro Tip:

Send your friends and family to this page that shows them the value of our brand.