Must-Have Safety Items for Your Property

Must-Have Safety Items for Your Property

Helping Hosts Make Their Homes Safer

If you are new to hospitality or you have been very successful but there is margin to improve you want to read this article. 

Warm, Cozy and Inviting Homes

Using your home depends on a warm and hospitable home experience. Safety, security, and privacy are essential qualities in a household, so we want to encourage them in yours.

A Good Place to Start

There are many ways to deliver a great guest experience as an host, but some are easier than others. Sometimes, having the right item in your property can make all the difference. 

With the summer ending and the holiday season coming up, now it’s the best time to stock up on your must-have items that EVERY property needs to have.

Many of these items are already at sales prices!

And where are you buying your items? Do you have a favourite local shop or ecommerce site? Do you want to have the best experience for your people? Do you have the time and money to put to be successful in hospitality?

If so please continue to read as I will give you some tips on how to get these must have items for your business in hospitality. 

Essentials: Safety First

Many of the other essential items are essential for a great guest experience but these first few items are MUST for guest safety. If you do not have ALL of these items in your listing, you’re putting your guests and your operation at risk.

01. A smoke and carbon detector

Having working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home can make a big difference.


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To Help Meet Your Goal

Mondosol’ll be giving away detectors at no cost to eligible hosts on a generated revenue basis during the promotion period. Restrictions apply. If you have not done it join Mondosol.


02. First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit ultra light  is compact for storage or carry on, that literally fits even in the glove compartment of your car. The Portable First Aid is durable, lightweight and practical  


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03. Fire Extinguisher

Manufactured from lightweight aluminum cylinder,it's ideal for protecting your home as well as common industrial use office, schools, hotels, etc. 


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