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Imagine Your Dream Book  in the Standard Edition is what every successful people need in order to get what they want, win the game of life and make their dreams come true.

Here is Elio Mondello's personal experience with a concrete plan for success and happiness. It will help you to create a positive mindset, habits and an Action Plan to help you focus on your dream with specific goals. 

The answers are all here in this self writing book, where you build your future one day at the time. One message only:  Life is limited but Imagination is limitless. Let's start imagining a dream to go after the live we deserve and we will become. who we are

Start reading

1. Start Your Dreams – 1 min

Everyone needs to begin somewhere, so understand your best option to start achieving your dreams.

2. Live Your Dreams – 60 min

Learn how to start with your dreams. From simple principle and instructions to inspiring video to keep you motivated.

3. My Personal Manifesto – 10 min

Your personal Manifesto is the place where you write down your purpose in life and monthly income.

4. My Dream Plan – 10 min

Your dream Plan is where you make a list of things you want to achieve. From your dream life to your dream day.

5. My Wealth Plan – 10 min

Your Wealth plan is where you learn how to become a “money magnet” and build strong habits to create your wealth.

6. Agenda – 30 min

Each day start to declare, acknowledge and appreciate. Learn how to become a free person.

7. Conclusion – 1 min

Make everyday count, stay motivated, change yourself to become better than you are.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mariana Q.
Way To Success!

This book is helping you reach your goals. It is a masterpiece.

I Love it!

I bought this during a rough time in my life. I bought the full agenda version of the book. I wanted to write my life one year at the time. It was inspirational because I can see the truth, from a place of real life and love. If you need the right plan of action to live your dream that go for it. I felt better right away. I have followed the plan and manifesto. It made me believe I can do it. In such a negative world, it's really important to hear yourself, being supportive and find out what you really deserve!

Brik Lainen
A must read for a dreamer

Great stuff. I Wish Elio have shared more of his experience. I have started reading and writing when I was 20 and I will do it again at 40 after making a lot of life changes. I want to share it with my girls and everyone I know ... life changing

Rachele Thompson

This book help you get going in the right direction. The practical ways to stay positive and working toward your goals are there for you to follow. It is easy to read and you can use it as journal to entertain your life. I only gave this one 4 stars because it was not super organized, and there are some topics jumped out.

Chantale Montambault

I've worked all my life. I have studied and been successful but have found myself unsatisfied.I wanted more but didn't know what. I'm only in Chapter one but I'm impressed with the content of this book. I can say now that I'm at a turning point in my life and I'm happy I was told about this book.

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