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Main Features:

High quality:  The toy made with safety material  ,  exquisite workmanship,  it is safe and durable  enough to play.

Suitable for most of the people:  The product is funny, it is a good gift to children and  an anxiety  reducer   to adults.

Compact and portable:  Light in weight, just put it in your bag or even your hand, such a cuddly toy.



The plastic disc is transparent, and the two colors are superimposed to form another color, which is good for children to distinguish colors.

Size:1pcs 3/4 in
Set of 100 transparent counters
Hands-on manipulatives-great for learning counting, sorting, grouping, addition, and subtraction
Perfect for overhead projectors
6 colors Mix
Ideal for ages 5+

Customer Reviews

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Lydia Bruns

Learning Math Toy

Nina Drechsler

Learning Math Toy

Joost Hedermann

Learning Math Toy

Lennart Blum

Learning Math Toy

Nikolai Dohring

Learning Math Toy

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