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Get a free Welcome gift on your first order online

Cash points to create an account

Mondosol give you 1000 points (10 usd) when you create an account. Use your social media and change your personal details and preference Create an Account

On every products you buy you get 

Safe Checkout

Mondosol makes it easy to securely accept payments online with or without a credit card, like PayPal and Apple Pay  | Learn More

Free Return and Money Back

Mondosol offers you a Free Return on any undeliverable items and if you do not get the item you ordered you have money back Guarantee | See details

Donation for communities growth

Mondosol helps you creating dream cities full of flowers and plants every time you buy from this shop. Learn More

Once you register you get

Free Shipping

Mondosol offers you Free International Shipping on some products or orders with economy or expedited delivery time See details

Address book

Mondosol allows you to view and edit your billing and delivery addresses. In other words you can decide where to get your bills and orders  Create an Account

Order history

In your account you can see your previous orders and status of current orders. If you need help tracking your order you can go hereCreate an Account

A chance to Win prizes

In Mondosol every time you engage or buy a product you earn Cash Points. You can Scratch & Win or Join the Giveaway for extra discounted products . See details

Cash Points for Your Birthday

Mondosol will give you 1000 points (10 usd) for your birthday gift and set reminders for you every year  Create an Account

Cash Points for referrals

Mondosol will give you up to $1700 Mondosol Cash! For every person you refer you get $17 and you give $34 to your referral  See details

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