Mondosol Program "Collect Point Earn Awards"

What Is the Program?

Mondosol Rewards is our program that recognizes you each time you share something with Mondosol. Think of it as our way of saying ‘thanks’ for helping Mondosol. Earn Cash Points for different actions, and turn those Cash Points into rewards! 




How do you receive points?

Engage in Mondosol Social Media. Review products and travel experience. Place an order, celebrate a birthday or Sign up in Mondosol. Everything you contribute - plus all you've contributed in the past - builds your Mondosol points. See all the ways to get points. 





How to get the rewards?

Once you collect Mondosol cashpoints by sharing your experiences, you receive a variety of traveler rewards. The more points you get, the higher your cashpoints level and the more you're recognized from Mondosol. See all the rewards you can collect.