How to start in hospitality?

How to start in hospitality?

If you are new to hospitality and you want to start here is your article. Hospitality mean to host someone somewhere so you will be the host and the traveler will be your guest. 

And where are you hosting your guest? Do you have a spare room or space in your house? Do you want to have people around? Do you have the time and money to put to be successful in hospitality?

If so please continue to read as I will give you some tips on how to start in hospitality. 

I am Elio Mondello, ceo of Mondosol, the educational marketplace for hospitality. If you do not know me and the company is a good place to start checking around. It's always better to make your own research and get active.

Ok so first to start you need a place to welcome your guest and let's say you do not have anything yet. I suggest you to start with a mobile home. Elio what are you talking about?

Yes a mobile home, something that you can put almost everywhere for example a tent.

Or if you have more money you can get a camper also called mobile home because it is a truck built as an home.

Let's just say you do not have a lot of money I will suggest you to focus on the tent and work for Mondosol to get some help. 

A tent can be also very nice and comfortable. I want to introduce you a concept called Glamping which is the mix of glamour and camping. It means that you can provide affordable experiences in the nature with comfort and glamour of course.

How? Here are the essential glamping accessories

01. A glamping tent

True glamping is a fine art that effortlessly balances comfort, quality, practicality and beauty. And you can easily do it with a glamping holiday Dia oxford  waterproof camping tent. It fits 3 - 4 Person and is guaranteed for life.


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02.Vintage Kerosene Lantern

Bathe your camp with the warm glow of this stylish Kerosene lantern. Retaining all the vintage charm of an old kerosene lamp. It’s the ideal accompaniment for al fresco dining that lets you to set the perfect ambience for any occasion. 


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03. Aluminium Picnic Table

Eating your dinner off your lap is for campers, and rather uncivilised. If you want to camp in luxury, and dine in style use this pop-up aluminium picnic table. The lightweight frame is easy to setup and provides seating for four, to eat your meal.


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