Jeder bei Mondosol sucht nach einem Ort, an dem er sich selbst lieben kann, mit einem Kind oder jemand anderem.
Mondosol bietet einem internationalen Publikum Reise- und Haushaltsprodukte mit Hospitality-Service.
Das Alleinstellungsmerkmal von Mondosol besteht darin, mit unseren herausragenden Produkten / Dienstleistungen ein lehrreiches und emotionales Einkaufserlebnis zu bieten.
Mondosol wurde vom Venerdi-Magazin und der Zeitung La Repubblica (Nr. 1 in Italien) vorgestellt und ist in einigen unserer Immobilien-Prominenten und Influencern willkommen!
Unsere Idee ist es, unseren Reisenden und Eigentümern zu danken und ihnen etwas zurückzugeben, kuratierte Produkte, Aufmerksamkeit und Erfahrungen.
Elio and Linn from Mondosol

Our Mission

I was inspired to start my business because..

How many of you did not have a bad experience when you travel or host? Once I was travelling in Italy with my family from Norway…

There were problems in the house we were staying, with the shower, the garden, the beach, all dirty …me and my wife Linn, needed to fix all this ...the other guests didn’t have the tools to do it… so we talked with the host and created a magic relationship.

In the end we all had a great experience with happy memories. When I created Mondosol I had one goal in mind.

Mix Education and Lodging.

In the world booming industry the problems are poor experiences, people and technology.

Mondosol brings knowledge and talents in the heart and home of people just like you and me.

I am proud to introduce to you and the world the future of hospitality with Elio, marketing genius and Linn travel manager: the leader of the 600B dollars market, Mondosol.

Mondosol Shop welcome everyone looking for exciting places and new products to fill their memories. A new world of possibility and imagination from small cute creatures to big loving hearts. Even with problems we encounter, you are at center of our attention to make you feel safer and proud of the result.

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Mondosol is helping property owners maximising revenue and a customized service to help people traveling by learning. I can promise you that with Mondosol you will never have the same experience again.
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