How to use the YG - 300 LCD projector with the user manual in English

How to use the YG - 300 LCD projector with the user manual in English

This is YG - 300 LCD projector user manual in English, you can download here.

How to connect the mini projector to your iPhone or Android

Hi guys I'm going to show you how to connect really easy this projector to your iPhone or Android.

This is how it come. Just take it out. It's going to come with the instructions. So right here this is all there is.

Also you're going to need an HDMI cable for your iPhone or Android, that's right here - you have to buy it separately.


Make sure it is for your iPhone or Android to connects any of those phones. This is really pretty cool and simple to use.

On here there is:

  • the edge connection
  • cable power
  • cable for all your devices
  • the remote control.

All right I cannot do it without the remote control. So let's say we can set this up real quick.

Use this cable to connect to your electricity (Make sure you get the right plug for your country or you will need an adaptor).

These other connections right here are for:

  • your headphones
  • for the card
  • it has a bunch of different connection as you can see from the image.

Just connect the power cable and then connect the HDMI cable to the hdmi port right here. Sometimes the cable comes with two connections. Also you can charge your phone when connect it here.

So you connect it here and turn on your device. It's blinking. This is the projector source control so you can adjust the image.

I am just going to use the projector box to see the image on the wall.

When you turn it on, that's how it looks the screen of the projector. Then I will connect it to the phone. Let's watch a video that is really cool. Then you can choose anything you won on your phone (like Youtube)

Make sure to press this second button (from the bottom) on the projector, as the input. There is the ok button, and the up and down volume button.

I am just going to do it quickly. So you go here, you press here and this is going to show you the screen. And you click all the way to HDMI (on the projector menu to select the source) and then you just click OK. See the button ok right here? Just click it ok and then it's done. 

Then I gotta turn the lights off so you're able to see it. That's how it looks. You know you can adjust the image. I used to watch it up high the roof. It goes all the way to 60 inches width. Or you can watch same stuff on your point.

So that's very very simple. I hope this helps you.

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  • keren kochav

    hi, i bougth a yg300 projector and the ligthing cable with all the connections, to connect it to the smartphone, but it is not working. can you help me figure why? thanks keren

  • Namood

    Hey, I had a question about the cable. Do you have to buy an adapter to connect your phone?

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